Training Log: Week 7

There are many excuses I can use to explain why I haven't been running much lately: bad weather, working shifts, deadlines... The true is that I have been quiet lazy these days, and 2010 looks a good year for everything else but running. Nonetheless, I am trying to change it and this week is a good example. Considering my plans for the year, I better get back on track and focus on a training program I haven't managed to create just yet. Following, you can see my runs on week 7:

It can be better, but I can't complain. Overall, it felt great and I am very happy with my pace. It is also true that I have been feeling some pain on Thursday and today but I hope I don't have to worry much about it.

What about you? Did you have a good training week? Let's see if I can show you better results next Sunday!


Tania said...

Running with these temperatures, to me you're a champion.
Good pace and good training.

Antonio said...

Hay que tener ganas con ese frío....!

Efesor, Si buscas por mi blog en febrero o marzo de 2009 están mis entradas sobre el Sahara narathon. te traerán buenos recuerdos..

VICMAN said...
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VICMAN said...

Ok, Although I am spanish as you, I will try to write in English.

I don´t remember where but a few days ago I read an article about how a runner can train in Alaska. The runner´s conclusion was: "Running in winter in Alaska is not my weakness, it´s my strength".

EFESOR said...

It actually is my strength, when spring arrives and the good weather, my runs helped to buil a lot of strength and make it possible to get a better response!

You can either comment in English or Spanish, I just live in Finland I talk about this experience mostly in English!