The day I became a runner

It was the end of November 2008 when I decided to join a gym with a friend. To say it straight: I am 168cm and weighted 78.5kg. I felt overweight and was scared this would get worst considering Christmas was behind the corner. My friend Javier Valiente Webster has been running for a while and was totally fit compared to my life style till them. My plan wasn't to keep on his training but get fit on my own way, nonetheless, I enjoyed his company enough to walk the treadmill while his running workouts. It didn't take long to realize that fast-walking on the treadmill was paying nicely back on the scale; I was loosing weight and it didn't feel that bad... Not at all.

I still remember the day that changed my routines and became a runner. After the Christmas holidays, I was going to the gym without my skilled friend around and I decided to change my pace at the treadmill and surprised myself with a run for longer than 30 minutes at a pace of  7 m/km. For my condition, it was a great achievement and never came back on walking while training; nor in the treadmill, nor on the road. Since then, I have logged more than 1000km in my Nike+ profile, drop down my personal pace for more than a 1 m/km and lost 10 kg.


Mario said...

Muy bien José! Muchas suerte!

Antonio said...

Hola Efesor!
Ánimo con tu nuevo proyecto. encantado de conocerte

nos leemos.

Kaotot said...

Me parece muy interesante. Creo que correr vincula muchas emociones. Y a la vez aumentar la resistencia, sentirse libre y unido a ti mismo puede ser muy liberador tanto en el aspecto físico como en el mental.

Gracias por compartir tu blog conmigo