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As you could read/see in my last post, I will be visiting a few countries for my next holidays which start next Sunday.

I am taking 3 weeks off from work and will pass by France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Istanbul. I didn't want to stop training so I planned ahead the routes I could run in the different cities I will be staying. For that reason, I created an account at walkjogrun.net and found routes around the areas I am visiting. In this sense, I just need to log in on my account and put my running shoes on every time I want to go for a run. I love sharing my experiences on running and social media is a great tool to do so.

I have been updating my profile with different routes and I will continue to do so. If you want to see where I am running, you just need to visit my routes here:


I was in Paris some months ago and I can do the same routes I did then, but here you have screenshots of the routes I already created for the other cities:

1. Munich (it doesn't look like a very nice area, but good enough):

2. Budapest (this one is my favorite one):

3. Istanbul I (this route is around the first apartment we are renting and meant for a long run):

4. Istanbul II (for our second location and for a shorter run):

I just hope I get fully recover soon and can enjoy the opportunity to run in so many countries! I will let you know if I managed to follow the routes or if I got lost and will take as many pictures as possible. Wish me luck!

PS: At the left column of this blog I added three polls you can answer to while I am on my holidays. In case I won't be able to update anything, you can still interact with the blog by answering. The poll will be open till 10.08 at 9pm.


Plantar fasciitis and holidays

The true is that I was getting ready a much nicer post about a new training plan I prepared 2 weeks ago. The idea was to train for the Amsterdam Marathon which will take place on 17th October. But I have two problems now:

1. Plantar fasciitis won't let me follow the training program for 1 week and I will have to take it easier when I start running again. The doctor recommended to stop running for a whole 1 week, also stretching the area and put ice. I also got a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills.

2. Three weeks holidays, traveling around Europe on a train, making very difficult to follow any training.

Nonetheless I created routes around the cities I am going to visit on my holidays (Paris, Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Bucharest and Istanbul) and I will try to run as much as possible. If after my holidays I feel strong enough, I will register to the Amsterdam Marathon and train for my first full marathon!


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