The day I became...

an AVANTO lover!

This week I only trained 2 days; on Monday and Thursday. The weather hasn't been helpful, neither was the work-shifts. Nonetheless, today I enjoyed of a great experience: the Finnish sauna and avanto. You all know what a sauna is but probably don't know what avanto means. 

I read some translation and I came up with this one “the hole in ice where you can practice winter-swimming” For somebody who uses his legs as much as I do, the experience can be defined as healing. Icy cold water helps blood circulation and healing tired muscles. 

Lately I was feeling difficulties on running and pain on my heels and knees so I took this opportunity as a good way to "re-boot" my legs on running and get them ready for a marathon training! Yes, you read it right, I am planning to participate in the great experience of a Marathon this year. Right know, I am searching to create a great training plan. At the same time, I am talking with Javier which is going to be: So far, we have talked about San Petersburg (ERGO White Nights Marathon) and Copenhagen (Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon), the idea is to go somewhere near Helsinki. Any suggestion?

I will let you know when the training program is ready and where is going to take place my first marathon experience! Meanwhile, I let you enjoy my face of.... pain? fun? pleasure?


Ariadna Rodo said...

Are U signing "Toy tan agusticoooooooooooooo"?

Well, I'm not so 'professional' as U're but I'm taking notes about Ur experiences.

Tania said...

Wow pain? fun? or pleaseure? good question :-)

Javier Valiente Webster said...

HAHA!!! it was very very cold, but such a good feeling afterwards..defenetly we'll repite it!

Víctor N. said...

Hola Efesor, lo primero muchas gracias por visitar mi blog.

y que pasada el AVANTO..., lo más parecido lo vi el año pasado en la Media Maratón de Segovia, donde la organización dispuso de pequeñas piscinas llenas de hielo y varios runners las usaban, siendo una gran atración para el resto y sobre todo los acompañantes.

Grandes planes los que tienes, el de Copenhagen sería el 23 de Mayo de este año???. De ser asi hay que ponerse las pilas compañero.

Mucho ánimo y te sigo.

PD: espero que no te moleste que te comente en castellano. El ingles lo entiendo muy bien pero escribir me da muchisima pereza y para poner burradas... Un saludo

Anonymous said...

i think i ll try to swim in ice the same as u did but for sure i ll die after that hehhehehehe

boraq . . . . 8D