About Me

I am right-handed. I never oversleep. I am usually on time, sometimes late. I drink latte coffee. Flu doesn't know where I live. I learnt how to colour with Carioca's felt-tip pen. I didn't like the first time. I dance close, even closer. I hate hang up the clothes. I am prone to exaggerate. I don't wear pajamas. I always wanted a cat. I am looking for planets with 3 volcanos. I remember details. I prefer traveling by train. Trainers. Red. Sea. To kiss at midday. I sleep hugged to the pillow, hardly at night. Breakfasts with no rush. I am always barefoot. I am as everyone. I run my bedroom's hostel. Blue. Socks and blankets. To read. The Big Bang of my pocket. I have showers with boil water. I drive fast. I open at midnight. Size: S. Shoes: 41. Do you have smaller beds? TQ. I run over as a cyclone. I look for anti-cyclone. I will be the costumer you decide. I rather prefer summer holidays in winter. I spend a lot of time to wake up. I succumb to temptation. My name is Jose.