Helsinki City Run 2010: A journey to a new Personal Best

The last long run I logged before the HCR was on the 2nd of May. A 12km beautiful route with Nicole and Javi.

I didn't feel very well during the workout but managed to finish the run at a pace I would be happy to do on the Race Day! On the week of the race, I was thinking I won't manage to do a PB (Personal Best) considering my performance the days before but I was hoping to go under 2 hours. At least, better than last year for the same race.

All these feelings changed on the race day. I was really excited @ the Starting Line with Nicole and Javi, and became really ambitious. I started the race very fast, at a pace under 5'/km leaving Javi behind after 3km and Nicole a little bit later: I had to continue alone the rest of the race. After an hour I realized that I have done 12km and, if I continue this way, I would have a new PB. But the problems came after km14 when my pace was around 5'30''/km and didn't feel strong enough to continue as fast as at the beginning. Nonetheless, I knew that if I would keep this way, I would still do a good job. The pain and headache didn't go away but I was an "experience" runner who has logged more than 2000km and won't give up: At km18 I found some more energy (I don't know where it came from) and my pace came back to around and under 5'/km arriving at the Finishing Line better than I ever expected!

the Official results as follow:

Place: 1888
Race Number: 4039
Runner Name: Jose M. Sánchez
Club: Spain
Class: Miehet yleinen (Place on my class: 1136)
Official Time: 1h49'21''
Chip Time: 1h48'58''
Out of 14 000 runners!

This was my third half marathon, and we can compare the results with the previous one:

Helsinki City Run (HCR): May, 2009:  2h 03' 13' 

Stockholm Half Marathon (SHM): September, 2009: 1h 53' 02'

Helsinki City Run (HCR): May, 2010:  1h49'21'

When I did my first Half Marathon I thought I won't be a very fast runner and my times would be around 2 hours. For some reason, I thought it was not possible to improve your time much more. After these results, I feel I can reach whichever place I want to take my body to. As I read in your blogs: No soy un hombe, soy una puta máquina.

And in 2 days, to Madrid. ¿Sigue adelante la quedada?

This picture was taken from my home. The race pictures by Tero Tikkanen. The first picture by me.




¡Me cago en la lluvia, en la nieve y en to' lo que se menea!

Four days to the Helsinki City Run and this is the weather in Helsinki:

This picture was taken 30 minutes ago from my kitchen window. Who can think of a PB (personal best) next Saturday when most-probably is going to be raining?

My training have been pretty OK with a major problem: I was ill for 3 days with 38.5° fever. I am also working a lot nowadays so I am constantly tired. I will try my best, I know I can arrive to the finish line but not confident enough for a PB.

Just glad that I will be in Spain soon, where no snow or rain will prevent me from having a beer in a terrace!