Midnight Run

One month working from this desert island was too much for my running routines. I was missing a lot the feeling of running outdoors and my workouts at the gym did not satisfied me enough. Last night, I decided to give it a try and had a short run around the area I am staying. The idea was to check if my body could cope with the high temperatures here (even at night) and how I would react in general. I left my hotel room at midnight and came back having one of the most beautiful experiences I had during my time here.

It was only 6.5km and found very interesting places around the area. What is more important, the heat wasn't that painful and I would have stay longer if I would have taken some water with me! I enjoyed so much (only you runners know what I am talking about) that I already decided to run a new route tonight.

I will take the car after work and go to try what it is recommended in the map. It looks like big fun. Here I am, running in this warm island!


I will be back in Helsinki during the weekend!


La soledad del corredor (en el gym también)

Unfortunately, I have to extend for 2 more weeks my stay in Bahrain. It is actually very good for my job; not for my running. I work long hours and I don't even think about going for a walk outdoor; it's just too hot in here.

I decided to change some routines and visit the gym as much as I can. Today I spent one hour and used the treadmill. It felt as usually: I hate it! Here are the numbers:

When I arrived to my workplace I found out that we have a new desk at the Zain Football Zone. They have a body composition analyzer for free! The guy promoting this service does not have much idea about it so I didn't care much of his recommendation. Nonetheless, I would appreciate your comments. Here we go:

Body Type: Standard
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 167cm
Weight: 68.3kg
BMI: 25
BMR: 7390 kJ // 1786 kcal
Fat % 11.8
Fat Mass 8.2kg
FFM 61.4kg
TBW 44.8kg
Visceral fat rating 2

Whole Body 492
Right Leg 215
Left Leg 222
Right Arm 249
Left Arm 253


Right Leg
  Fat % 11.7
  Fat Mass 1.4kg
  FFM 10.8kg
  Predicted Muscle Mass 10.3kg

Left Leg
  Fat % 13.1
  Fat Mass 1.6kg
  FFM 10.3kg
  Predicted Muscle Mass 9.8kg

Right Arm
  Fat % 12.9
  Fat Mass 0.6kg
  FFM 3.7kg
  Predicted Muscle Mass 3.5kg
Left Arm
  Fat % 13.3
  Fat Mass 0.6kg
  FFM 3.7kg
  Predicted Muscle Mass 3.5kg

  Fat %11.8
  Fat Mass 4.4kg
  FFM 32.9kg
  Predicted Muscle Mass 31.6kg

FAT% 8-20
FAT MASS 5.4-15.4kg

I think it looks pretty good. Considering that 2 years ago, when I started running, I was 78.5kg :-)
Any comments?


From Bahrain with love

It has been over a month since I last posted on this blog. There are always good excuses, but I could have also sat down and write what was going on. After the great experience at the Helsinki City Run I spent two weeks in Spain. The first week in Madrid I went for a run three times, in three different places. The meeting with other bloggers was a fantastic experience that I hope you have again. Thank you guys, I loved it!

The following week I visited the family in Algeciras. I also run three days and realize how much pollution is in the area. It was very hard to breath properly and didn't enjoy the running as I usually do. One day, I visited the outdoor track and trained with my cousin who has been running since... always! He helped me with my technique and gave me very good tips.

Back in Helsinki I only had 4 days before going to deliver a service to Manama (Bahrain) where I am right now. I loved running again in Helsinki, perfect temperature and clean air. Here in Bahrain, I try to go to the gym as much as I can, but I work around 12 hours everyday and is not really possible. Running outside is not really gonna happen: the temperature here is around 40 to 45 ° C even at night time. Who would dare?

I will have more time to train for longer and better in Helsinki. Also for the planing for the races I want to join for the autumn.

Thaks for reading, habibis!