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As you could read/see in my last post, I will be visiting a few countries for my next holidays which start next Sunday.

I am taking 3 weeks off from work and will pass by France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Istanbul. I didn't want to stop training so I planned ahead the routes I could run in the different cities I will be staying. For that reason, I created an account at walkjogrun.net and found routes around the areas I am visiting. In this sense, I just need to log in on my account and put my running shoes on every time I want to go for a run. I love sharing my experiences on running and social media is a great tool to do so.

I have been updating my profile with different routes and I will continue to do so. If you want to see where I am running, you just need to visit my routes here:


I was in Paris some months ago and I can do the same routes I did then, but here you have screenshots of the routes I already created for the other cities:

1. Munich (it doesn't look like a very nice area, but good enough):

2. Budapest (this one is my favorite one):

3. Istanbul I (this route is around the first apartment we are renting and meant for a long run):

4. Istanbul II (for our second location and for a shorter run):

I just hope I get fully recover soon and can enjoy the opportunity to run in so many countries! I will let you know if I managed to follow the routes or if I got lost and will take as many pictures as possible. Wish me luck!

PS: At the left column of this blog I added three polls you can answer to while I am on my holidays. In case I won't be able to update anything, you can still interact with the blog by answering. The poll will be open till 10.08 at 9pm.


Jan said...

Buenas vacaciones... aun recuerdo mis interrailes con 18 años...

Fíjate, el dia 30 yo estaré en Helsinki, una pena que tu ese día estarás dando vueltas por Budapest o Berlin...

Unknown said...

qué putada! :-(

Jaime RunnerWolf said...

Disfruta de tus vacaciones y de esas fantásticas rutas...

Anonymous said...

buena idea!!
A pasarlo bien


Nombre said...

Interesting... but what about finding a local training group by contacting them beforehand. I've heard of people doing so in Spain through forums such as elatleta.com. This gave travel runs an extra "social" touch (real, not only virtual).

Feliz verano.

Ale said...

Efesor no desanimes, tranquilo que las lesiones se pasan, ya verás que pronto estarás de nuevo entrenando al cien por cien. Espero que sea lo más pronto posible. Un fuerte saludo y abrazo compañero y lo dicho, no te desanimes.