Plantar fasciitis and holidays

The true is that I was getting ready a much nicer post about a new training plan I prepared 2 weeks ago. The idea was to train for the Amsterdam Marathon which will take place on 17th October. But I have two problems now:

1. Plantar fasciitis won't let me follow the training program for 1 week and I will have to take it easier when I start running again. The doctor recommended to stop running for a whole 1 week, also stretching the area and put ice. I also got a prescription for anti-inflammatory pills.

2. Three weeks holidays, traveling around Europe on a train, making very difficult to follow any training.

Nonetheless I created routes around the cities I am going to visit on my holidays (Paris, Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Bucharest and Istanbul) and I will try to run as much as possible. If after my holidays I feel strong enough, I will register to the Amsterdam Marathon and train for my first full marathon!


Tania said...

Hola Jose!
Que lo pases muy bien en tus vacaciones y cuida esa fascitis!!

Tania said...

Por cierto, quizás si visitas a un fisio te acelerará la recuperación.

EFESOR said...

fui a un medico de una consulta privada que tienen para deportistas. me aconsejó visitar el fisio que tienen y otro tipo para que me haga unas plantillas, de momento voy a dejar mi dinerito para las vacaciones y luego veré si hago algo más con el asunto

Abdelmonaem said...

Good luck .. nice plan for holiday and wish you alot of run ..