Midnight Run

One month working from this desert island was too much for my running routines. I was missing a lot the feeling of running outdoors and my workouts at the gym did not satisfied me enough. Last night, I decided to give it a try and had a short run around the area I am staying. The idea was to check if my body could cope with the high temperatures here (even at night) and how I would react in general. I left my hotel room at midnight and came back having one of the most beautiful experiences I had during my time here.

It was only 6.5km and found very interesting places around the area. What is more important, the heat wasn't that painful and I would have stay longer if I would have taken some water with me! I enjoyed so much (only you runners know what I am talking about) that I already decided to run a new route tonight.

I will take the car after work and go to try what it is recommended in the map. It looks like big fun. Here I am, running in this warm island!


I will be back in Helsinki during the weekend!


Jaime N@v said...

Pinta estupenda ese recorrido...
Me imagino tus sensaciones, maravillosas!!!

La Bala Raquela said...

No me he enterado muy bien de lo q has escrito, pero felicidadess por ese entreno.
Te gusta, te gusta correr, esa es la sensación q me quedó de tí cuando ni viniste!!

A seguir y disfrutando de esos tan bonitos parajes, de casa salida...!!

Mucho ánimo!!

Un abrazo

Jan said...

llego yo hace un rato de correr a 31-32 grados, y es inaguantable... en bahrain con humedad tiene que ser la leche...

Tania said...

Qué buena pinta tiene ese recorrido, al lado del mar!!
Y a qué temperatura estaban??
Sigue disfrutándo,

Anonymous said...

Por lo que he visto, esta gente no conoce el concepto "joder pon una sombra en el camino que la gente la palma".
Vaya solana, con lo fresquito que debe de estarse ahora en Cartagena o en Helsinki.